The Exterior Paint Color

Choosing a paint color for the exterior of an all wood home is a commitment.  You are committing to the look of the exterior, the feel of the home, and the impression that a potential renter has about the house.

When we bought 8th and M the house was tan and the trim was a lighter tan.  The house looked tired, and a little shabby. Boring.  The homes in this area improving part of Huntsville are not boring.

Our daughter and son in law live in Charlotte where there is a neighborhood called NODA North of Downtown Arts.  I think of our neighborhood as Huntsville’s NODA. ( We are also north of downtown and wow there is some art in our neigborhood.)  Soon I am going to give you a walking tour of the neighborhood, because I think you will be surprised at some of the homes,but today I will just show you a few of our closest neighbors.  They are not afraid of color and/ or have a sense of fun.  It is a college town after all.

FYI they totally copied us.  This house just got painted.  I think imitation  is greatest form of flattery.


Dan-Phillips-Recycled-Affordable-Texas-Houses-5.jpg (600×450)

I just knew when I saw 8th and M I knew that I wanted the house to be a dark bluish gray with white trim.  My daughter in law suggested a yellow door and provided me with pictures.  I knew it would be the perfect accent to the porch.

Picking that bluish gray was trickier than I thought.  Some were too purple, some too brown, and some too light.

I settled on Sherwin Williams Slate Tile.  The painter recommended satin finish to hide some of th imperfections in the home.

Photographing this color is tricky but the square above is from the SW website and is the actual color.  It is less blue than it photographs.

If you have this much house to paint, and there is repair work involved, and it has two stories…hire a painter.  It took three men four days of hard work to get the house painted and wood replaced

The first step was to replace rotted wood and scrape the peeling paint from the house.

It looked ROUGH at this point.  I was nervous.

Our painter, Carlos, had a team that showed up bright and early and stayed until late.

The blue paint without the trim looked awful.  I was a little lot nervous.  It looked so drab.

And then… let there be white.


The white was a huge improvement but look at that pop of yellow below.

The difference in appearance is stunning.  Right after it got painted we had two different people knock on the door for information about renting the home.    Don’t you love the yellow?  I do.  Thanks Sweet Amanda for the color choice.

We have cement patch and concrete colored porch paint that at some point we will get done,  just probably not right away.  We are tired and power washing, patching, and painting would be another whole weekend.

I know that you can see that in addition to changing the paint color we also added a new roof to the home and garage.  The two changes were dramatic but not cheap.  Those changes were just a little less than half our budget ( add in the foundation work and it is half of what we budgeted to spend) but we are not sorry.

Right around the corner there is this empty and under-loved house.  I am going to keep my eye on this one. It could be a cute home.

My dad has been anxious to see what we have done to the house so the exterior was the first installment.

Thanks for following along on our journey.



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