Technology Time and Money Savers

While renovating a home that is 35 minutes from home, working full time in a different community that is 45 minutes the other direction from home, along with a home that includes 15 acres of property to maintain, we nearly wore ourselves out.  We also made a lot of terrible eating choices because fast was better than healthy when covered in paint, or sheet rock dust, or grime, or sawdust.  Grocery shopping fell by the wayside which meant having good options to eat at home difficult.

The process  of both losing control of our time has helped me to learn a few things that may help you save a few precious minutes and hopefully a few dollars, too.

  1.  Subscribe to Amazon Prime.  Frankly Amazon doesn’t always have the best deal, but sometimes it does and we found that we more than made up the subscription cost with shipping on heavy items (like a big window unit air conditioner.) We ordered door locks, the  air conditioner,  a floor refinishing kit, light fixtures and a host of other items that were delivered to my doorstep.  This was a huge time saver for someone who lives 45 minutes from a Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s or pretty much any other big box-but also big selection- store for our supplies.  Before I ordered from Amazon, I used Price Jump to make sure it was the best deal.
  2. Use Chrome as your browser.  I know you are thinking that switching to Chrome won’t save you a minute but it does.  If you have Chrome you can get the following added directly to your browser as extensions so that they just work like magic when you are shopping.  My favorite is  Honey .  Seriously, this is the easiest thing you can do to save money.  You just shop online and at checkout Honey steps in( it just pops up, you do not have to log in) to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.  It tries out the promotional codes for you and applies them to your bill.  I saved $10 today and hadn’t even thought to see if there was a code out there for the site I was shopping at.
  3. Take advantage of  your local grocery store pick up services if available. Shop for groceries online, order the items and pay for them in the evening (siting home in my jammies) then pick them up after work on thew way home.  It is awesome to be able to watch a few minutes of The Voice, make a shopping list, order the  items on the list then schedule the time you will be picking up the stuff.  It is delivered to your car, people. No shlepping the cart out to the car then back to the cart rack.   I love this option and I think it is something that will save us at our house money on the impulse shopping.
    • Kroger has Click It Pick Up.  
    • Walmart has a grocery pick up as well, but you can pick up just about anything that they sell at a scheduled time.  Without going inside the giant time sucking Walmart… Can you tell that it is not my favorite place to be at 5:00 pm?

If you sign up and use the link HERE we both get $10.00 off our next order.  Win-win. (I am all about saving money!). They even gave me a present my first visit.

  • Add Piggy to Chrome.  You Can join here using thecornerof as your referral code and we both get money again.  I love that my Walmart grocery online shopping is also now going to give me a rebate.

I am sure that there are a lot of other options, but those are the ones that worked to make our lives easier.

I would love to hear from you sites that make shopping cheaper and easier.




The Beginning

Well hello there.  If you are a new friend, welcome.  If you are one of my old friends from The Weekend Country Girl, thank you so much for following our twisting and turning journey through mid-life.  My name is Karen.  I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and public school administrator who lives full time in the country, but drives into the suburbs to work.  ( I am no longer a weekend country girl.) I am married to a handsome guy who has put up with me for more than 30 years. He is a farm boy who can fix, build, or figure out just about anything I think up when he is not busy mowing our 15 acres or teaching math to 8th graders.  

So, what is up with the name The Corner of 8th and M?  Well, our mid life journey is going to include rental property.  Our first project (and when I say project I mean PROJECT) is a two unit rental that includes a home and garage apartment located on the corner of guess where?  You got it, it is at the corner of 8th and M in one of my favorite quirky Texas towns, Huntsville.  My husband and I are moving toward another corner in our lives as well.  The name just felt right.



On this blog you can expect offbeat furniture  projects, what we are learning about home renovation, our trials and tribulations of learning to be landlords, the awesome Texas towns we love to visit, our life in Coldspring at Providence Acres, and a healthy dose of family in mid life.


I hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will.