The Garage Apartment 

I am pretty sure I will be adding Part 1 to the title of this post soon but I have had several friends ask for an update on this sweet little space.

Here you go: 

The first thing we did was scrub her down.  Top to bottom.  The only thing that is still dirty are the windows outside.  We are going to try that hose in spray on them soon.  

Next we got busy painting the ceilings white. I like a bright white ceiling.  The walls got painted a very light bluish gray that my mom found in the oops section for me.  The trim got painted semigloss white.  This past weekend my buddy Larry got the bamboo roll up blinds up in the main room.  They are going to look great with the furniture we scored for the place. 

Today Mr. Math helped me get mini blinds up in the other windows.  Filtered light and privacy were key.

Here is my quick tour of the space.

Welcome.  As you walk into the main room the is a door ahead for the bedroom and an opening to the right for the dining room.

We have added blinds, a window unit and I bought this brushed nickel light from Home Depot and painted it flat black to the dining nook.

The phone niche is so cute.

I had to give a close up of the light.

I really like the roll up shades.  

This space is going to be furnished with a sleeper sofa and some other cool stuff.

I used a flooring restoration kit to get the floor refreshed.

The kitchen still needs some work.  The cabinets have closing issues.  

This light was buried under layers of gunk.  I love it.

The sink is cute.  Very small but cute.

The fridge goes here!

The bedroom is going to have another window unit but the blinds are in. The floor looks good.

The bathroom is almost done.  I bought the wrong sized blind and the tub needs another scrub down.

Well, there you have it.  A pint sized home.  

It is close to being rental ready and we are excited!

Thanks for following along on our journey.